Q: What areas do you cover or how far do you travel?

A: I primarily focus on the San Francisco Bay Area but I'm willing to travel just about anywhere depending on booking specifics & duration.....

Serving; Oakland Alameda Berkeley Marin San Jose Silicon Valley Concord Walnut Creek Hayward Fremont Sacramento Lake Tahoe El Dorado Hills Placerville Reno San Mateo San Bruno Palo Alto Mountain View Redwood City Burlingame Los Altos Atherton BlackHawk Woodside Hillsborough Menlo Park Sunnyvale Saratoga Campbell Santa Clara Cupertino Monterey Novato Mill Valley Marin San Rafael Napa Santa Rosa San Francisco....

Q: Digital or Traditional... which should i choose?

A: Digital Caricatures are ideal for Indoor Corporate or Tech-related Events, especially Trade Shows or Conventions where the idea is to engage & promote a product or service.

They're unique keepsakes & as they're drawn solely with my finger, a somewhat interesting spectacle....

Traditional Caricatures on the other hand are naturalistic, Original Art Keepsakes that are best for the larger events as they allow me to do the most portraits per hour.

Q: So how many caricatures can you do an hour?

A: Glad you asked! I average around one every 2-3 minutes for Traditional Caricature, which is remarkably fast for the type & size of caricature i do. Much depends on the subject, i.e., amount of individual details (dreadlocks vs. bald , etc.) & how much conversation, wiggling occurs.

Digital takes a bit longer due their Full Color aspects. Roughly around 6-12 minutes per person...

Q: How does one book you?

A: To check on Availability &/ or receive an Event Quote, visit Booking Inquiries above. Once availability has been established & a quote for my services has been accepted, I'll then provide you with a PDF Confirmation Letter for your records. This will effectively serve as our agreement & invoice.

*** Important: A booking isn't finalized or on the calendar until this paperwork is completed ***

Deposits for the most part are required only upon request, such as during special times of the year (June & December), booked far in advance or if the event is more than 100 miles from S.F. Of course if anything changes with regards to your event as much advanced notice as possible is appreciated.

Payment immediately upon completion of services is also appreciated unless other arrangements beforehand have been made.

Q: Where can i download my iPad caricature?

A: There should be an URL with that specific page info printed along the side of your caricature.

Please contact me if you are unable to read or do so....

Q: How long have you been doing iPad caricatures with your finger?

A: Since the iPad came out in 2010. First event was early July that year.

As for caricature as whole though, i'm a life-long, full-time caricaturist as well as historian of what I do...

Q: Your original art caricatures are very dark, is that charcoal?

A: No -- i use a type of Fine Arts Oil-based Pencil that's archival & non-smudging.

It doesn't bleed or fade like marker can either....

Q: Do you do color as well for Traditional Caricatures?

A: I can although as it doubles or more the time on every drawing, i wouldn't recommend it for large groups or events of a few hours where the goal is to make sure as many folks go home with a portrait as possible.

I'd suggest Digital instead if this is an important preference....

Q: Is there anything special we need to provide for you?

A: A couple of chairs is terrific. If unavailable i can always bring myself. With regards to placement, if indoors, a location with the best light or access to an electrical outlet is important. Outdoors, an area with shade is appreciated.

Also so that i may communicate with the guests, not too close to any music speakers .

Q: Do you do gift caricatures, i.e., personal commissions?

A: I don't typically as a rule but depending on the timing & particulars of the project it's possible!

In tandem with my more than 40 years of Event Caricaturing, i also once specialized in Celebrity Caricature for the press where my award-winning illustrations could be seen in publications from Time to the Los Angeles Times

Print Communication ArtsSociety of Illustrators NY & LAApplied ArtsSociety of News Design National Headliner Awards


Henry Major (1889-1948), Lenn Redman (1912-1987), Don Bevan (1920-2013), Bob Bentovoja (1929-2019), Miguel Covarrubias (1904-1957), Aurelius Battaglia (1910-1984)

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